Sunday, November 30, 2008

Drink and Women

In this end time darkness, as the world is getting darker and darker, news reported in the media is always full of what d has done in the world. Around me, there are more cases of husband gone for the other woman. What can a wife do when her marriage is threatened? What help can she get from the Almighty God, our Beloved Daddy?

For weeks, since late October to November, my hubby starts having work stress. His boss aka friend, told him that he must socialize with vendor so that he could get favour easily in time of need, which is often since hubby is in IT line. D in the form of his boss, S, first lured him to drinking beer. My hubby actually does not like beer, he used to go for wine.

The culture here is about beer, any drinking gathering usually beer is involved. S gets him to get used to this drinking session, then last few weeks, he lured him to drinking stronger liquor. Hubby has drunk much of Whisky and Brandy that there was once previously that he came home pretty drunk. That first time, he still could come back home but he could not recall what he had done the previous night.

S sees that he could take Whisky and Brandy, S decided to give him Volka. 2 Friday ago, hubby came home so drunk but S, who sent him home, is very alert. S told me that Hubby had competed drinking with him but lost. I could not buy this reason for if 2 persons are competing, both of them should have some effect of drunkenness. But S is so alert!

In addition, Lord led me to call him that Friday at around 1am. By then hubby was pretty drunk, instead of pressing off the phone, he actually on it. I could not hear him. After a long moment, I hear S voice asking, “how much you feed him? 12 or 15”. A China lady voice answered, “17”. As they talked in Mandarin, I was thinking why he ask “wei”, which is feeding instead of the cost of the drinking.

Lord has get Su to reveal to me what happen in a bar. Many years ago, Su working environment comprised her and 2 guy colleagues in there late 20s. In 1 night outing, the guys, who treated Su as a buddy, brought her to a bar. She told me that the moment they sat down at the bar counter, girls come attack the guys, but totally ignore her. Each of the girls will put their hand on the guy’s private part and masturbated them.

Of the 2 guy friends, one kept pushing the hand away and finally turned to Su to avoid the attack. The other guy enjoyed the service so much that 2 girls will service him, one masturbating him and one feeding him alcohol. These girls know that as long as the guy emotion is up, they could pour lots of alcohol into them to earn their pay.

Lord actually led Su to tell me this twice. The first time, I did not think my hubby would go for such bar, as he told me that he went to pub only. But in this recent sharing this week, it gone into me that hubby is enjoying such. I had been wondering what lured him so much that his priority is changed. Me and the family become secondary. That outing become first. Lord revealed through Su that he is drinking and womanizing (I want to clarify that hubby is still faithful(Lord and him confirm this) just that he allows women to service him).

However Friday night, Lord led me to wonder how 1 girl could masturbate(fully clothed, hand outside pants) and feed him at the same time. Then Lord revealed that 2 girls are doing the job. One masturbating and one feeding. This is not the worst news that I heard, when Lord get me conditioned to accept this true, He told me that S had wanted to alcohol intoxicate hubby. This hubby of mine thought he is a nice buddy that takes good care of him. Actually, S is using the sun zi army tactics. Know your enemy so that can crush them easily.

At work, hubby is smarter in term of technical knowledge. S is good in socializing and in databases knowledge. Lots of time, he had to call hubby for advise, even in his day to day managing. He envied that hubby knows a lot more than him. S wanted to move to another very promised land to expand, but his boss wanted him to set up the department and trained hubby to handle it. S is angry why he, who has to set up everything from scratch, should do such for hubby. I read about alcohol intoxication, in serious case, when a person vomited twice, harm has gone to the brain and the worst scenario is death. This is what S is leading hubby to.

Last Friday, Lord led me to plea the blood over hubby drunkenness and all over him and manifested the Lord hand over the event, to bless and restore hubby and judge the adversary. Lord is so good, He got hubby to vomit twice, 95% of the harm from this very strong alcohol is thrown out of him. Only 5% left in him. Praise the Lord. S thought that hubby was intoxicated badly but Lord protected him and fooled S.

S had been traveling this week and next, Lord told me that now he knows that not much harm has come to hubby, S is going to empty the remainder 2/3 bottle of Volka in hubby. Previously I curse those that lead hubby bad to have hedge placed on them. However, this prayer did not help hubby much. Lord lead me to pray that not by my power and nor by my strength, but by His spirit, to work on hubby’s drinking and womanizing. When I know of S evilness, Lord led me to curse him with impair of brain the moment he devise another evil plan on hubby or anyone else. Praise the Lord!

Yesterday, Lord revealed to me that previously, my prayer was not there, He could only see hubby at the mercy of S. Now that all prayers are in place, that when S is out to do his great killing on hubby, he is blessing hubby with tastelessness in beer and liquor. He is blessing hubby with conditional impotency outside the house. I realised that I am already walking in Abraham blessing.

This is like when Sarah, Abraham’s wife was taken by a king. The Lord of Host restrained the whole kingdom that Sarah was not violated. Lord is going to shut hubby sexual desire for other women. No matter how the girls masturbate him, he is going to feel nothing, except friction and heat. Praise the Lord!

Daddy God, thank You for being such a Wonderful Abba to me. When things not working in my favour, You use this crisis to let me realised Lord Jesus Perfected Work on the Cross that will surely free all men from darkness control. Daddy God, thank You for loving me so much! Lord Jesus thank You for the Perfect Work on the Cross that 2000 years ago, hubby’s drinking and womanizing were judged in You that by Your Stripes, hubby is healed. Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! Amen!!! Amen!!!


Angie said...

Wow that's some testimony there Steph. Thanks for sharing! I didn't know things like these happen in the bars.. :/

Is that why you haven't been blogging? It must be a trying time for you. hugs.

But we take comfort that He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world. Thank God for His wisdom, & the mind of Christ in you to lead your hubby out of this circumstance. Also, indeed no weapon formed against you & your family shall prosper!

Appreciate the fact that you didn't withhold any embarrassment to blog abt this. It is something all christians should be warned and be wary of. :) Infact, i think you're so courageous! :D

Stephanie said...

Hi Angie,

Thanks for your encouragement. It was indeed a trying time for me. To be kept in the dark and wonder what had lead him to change.

Praise Lord Jesus, who is always with me, to let me see light in this dark tunnel.

I am glad that I have Jesus and really thankful for coming back to Him 2 years ago. At least I am not left helpless. The Almighty God, our Beloved Daddy is always looking after us and our family. Praise Him!

Usually, my each blogging is lead by Lord. I have been concentrating on meditation on the words of Christ, as such have not blog much. What I want to share about how to be close to Lord Jesus and how to get Abraham blessings are all shared in the blog. So, nothing much to share for the time being. I will come in to share as Lord lead me.

Praise Him, who tell me the truth that hubby is hiding from me. Hubby being an ang moh, are not used to such service that was not in the pub he used to frequent in his single day in Europe. So this something new and made him feel superior to be service by women. Hiaz...

Thanks to Lord Jesus that lead me to pray the appropriate prayer for Him the Greater One, to work and free him from the devil.

Stanley Wong said...

Hi Stephanie,

I attend NCC too. Very touched by your honest sharing.

I was a bank dealer before and had also gone for this type of drink socializing (no women, just dinner and drinks)with brokers. I know the danger of getting addicted to the "high" feeling from drinking and I am thankful to God for protecting me even then (I was attending another church then but more as an obligation only).

Anyway, today I just blogged about praying God's Word, and I found a verse that you can pray over your hubby:

Job 1:10 (NLT)
You have always put a wall of protection around him and his home and his property. You have made him prosper in everything he does. Look how rich he is!

Stephanie said...

Hi Stanley,

Thanks for your comment. Guess this Alcohol drinking has it's danger. Previously, hubby is so much into his country christmas drink(non-alcohol) and ham.

Guess this drinking has shift this focus off. Everything in his life seem to be diluted from the drinking.

Thank Lord that only 5% of Volka was in his body. I can't imagine if 100% would do to him.

Thank God that I have Lord Jesus with me that looks after my family. Hubby has yet to accept Christ.


Angie said...

Stephanie, i cannot imagine going thru this alone too. So yes, Thank Jesus that He's always always with us in any, every circumstances.

Re blogging.. i can identify. Sometimes i prefer meditating on God's word or spending time in the Lord's presence to blogging too. I also hope to blog from the spirit than from the flesh :p

May your hubby come to know the Lord soon. :)

Btw Stanley, I love the verse you quoted! ;)

Jade said...

Hi Steph, chance upon your blog while blog hopping =). Isn't our Abba Father Great! Praise him. Take care and God Bless!

Malcolm Loh said...

Hi Steph

People have told me that I am very brave to blog about what has happened to me (being asked to step down from leadership, being summoned to the police station, etc), but this all pales in comparison to what you have blogged here.

The Lord brings to mind the passage in 1 Pet 3, where Peter addresses couples that got married while they were still not yet believers and then the wife accepted Christ before the husband did.

1 Wives, in the same way be submissive to your husbands so that, if any of them do not believe the word, they may be won over without words by the behavior of their wives,
2 when they see the purity and reverence of your lives
3 Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as braided hair and the wearing of gold jewelry and fine clothes.
4 Instead, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God's sight.

I am sure your hubby will be won over by your gentle and quiet spirit, and I look forward to your testimony!

Stephanie said...

Hi Malcolm,

Thanks for visiting my blog. Actually, I do not want to blog about my husband. I mean, who likes to share dirty linen.

But, Lord is Great. He is the One, who wants me to share. Even when I back off, He came to give me the Grace and the fearless to post it here. It's all about His Glory, nothing to my credit.